The Romantic Disease

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"The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis" is a highly successful solo exhibition by Anna Dumitriu, an ‘open lab’ workshop, and a one day symposium which took place at Watermans in London, UK, funded by The Wellcome Trust between January and March 2014 and which is now touring internationally to the Theatrum Anatomicum at Waag Society, Amsterdam in the Netherlands in June - July 2014, and then to Art Laboratory Berlin in Germany in September - November 2014. A special event and the exhibition of the "Genius Germ" installation took place at The Picasso Museum in Barcelona in June 2014.

The exhibition takes the form of an art/science investigation into mankind’s strange relationship with ‘the Romantic Disease’ Tuberculosis (TB) from early superstitions about the disease, through the development of antibiotics, to the latest research into whole genome sequencing of bacteria. Explore the links above to learn more about the ideas and artworks in the exhibition as well as the events programme. Funded by The Wellcome Trust and supported by the Modernising Medicial Microbiology Project. For more information on the work of Anna Dumitriu see

Demon from Anna Dumitriu on Vimeo.

Tuberculosis is the earliest disease identified in man and still currently affects around one third of the world’s population. Since the beginning it has been surrounded by myth and superstition as humanity tried to understand what caused it. Bad air, demon dogs and vampires have all been blamed.

This pencil drawn stop frame animation represents the ‘demon dog’ that some of our ancestors believed to be the cause of the disease. They believed the dog would enter the body of the sufferer and bark from within, causing the patient to cough. This creature is based on a composite of videos of sick and dying animals from YouTube, whose owners had posted online in the hope of receiving advice on how to help their pets.